About Us

ASLANDAĞ AHŞAP founded in 1988 by Tuncay Aslandağ and Cemal Aslandağ with the support of Salih Aslandağ and Aydin Aslandağ. The company has started manufacturing wooden dooors for local and foreign industry and diversified its product range to wooden doors under the brand name of ARTELLA,and door frames and architraves with COMPODOOR brandname.

ASLANDAĞ AHŞAP stepped into a new dimension while gaining great respect in the local market and foreign markets for its quality and performance.Besides wooden doors, ASLANDAĞ AHŞAP already created new brand name COMPODOOR and started exporting its products as well as door frames & architraves.

ASLANDAĞ AHŞAP recently has moved to 17.000 sqm area of modern factory in the city of Istanbul.

Now, we are exporting our products majorly to European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries along with other countries of the world.

We are continuing our production with addition of related architectural door components such as skirtings,laths,cords etc. Everyday, we are adapting new technologies and our research and development department is continuously developing new products in the line of our customer special requests.

Today, COMPODOOR provides their products as original equipments to most of the major manufacturers of door in Turkey as well as ARTELLA and some manufacturers of door in other countries.